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2016-2017 Staff

Joel Perez

Staff Reporter

Joel Perez is a senior. He participated on the Clear Lake football team. He enjoys playing basketball, video games, and listening to music in his free time. He plans on going to college after high school.

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Aly Bernard

Staff Reporter

Aly Bernard is a senior on the Clear Lake Golf team. She enjoys watching Netflix, cooking, and sleeping. At the moment she is sure that she is going to attend college but isn’t sure where she will go yet.

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Carolynn Dunn

Staff Reporter

Carolynn Dunn is a junior who is passionate about writing. In her free time, she writes and directs plays for charity with youth groups. She also enjoys going to bed early and cooking for her family. She currently does not have...

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Sam Bruno

Staff Reporter

Sam Bruno is a senior. She participates on the Clear Lake girls golf team. She enjoys to hang out with friends and explore do places to go and things to do. She is still deciding between attending Texas State University and A&M...

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Nathan Wilson

Staff Reporter

Nathan Wilson is a junior who enjoys gaming. Along with gaming, he enjoys creating poetry, drawing and trivia. He finds great joy in helping others. He plans to go to college and get a degree after high school.  One day, he hopes...

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Cayli Dvorak

Staff Reporter

Cayli Dvorak is a freshman, her favorite things are naps, coffee, and Netflix. When Cayli graduates high school she dreams of attending NYU, then going on to work for a fashion magazine. She spends most of her free time expressing...

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Delany Stinson

Staff Reporter

Delany Stinson is a Junior. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching T.V., and playing with her new Yorkie puppy. Delany hates bad weather and bad coffee. After graduating high school, Delany will peruse her dream of becoming...

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Summer Stockdale

Staff Reporter

Summer Stockdale is a sophomore. She enjoys long boarding with her friends and likes to draw. She wants to attend University of Texas or A&M and to achieve a degree in medical. When she grows up she wants to be a doctor and...

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Claire Misfeldt


Claire Misfeldt is a senior who enjoys writing. Along with news writing, she writes creative pieces such as poems and short stories. She plans to go to Southwestern to major in English and or Mass Media Communications. One day,...

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Quentin Moreno

Staff Reporter

Quentin Moreno is a senior at CLHS and after high school he hopes to get an apartment with three of his best friends. He hopes to be a comedian and is considering trying out for the NBA. Quentin likes to play basketball and hangout...

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Asher Russo

Staff Reporter

Asher Russo is a junior who enjoys art. Along with art he enjoys creative writing and helping others. He strives to attend the University of Houston and get his master’s in psychology. His plan is to become a depression, anxiety,...

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