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Lake Reflections

Interview with Anthony Colonnetta

I’m going to miss that and all the memories I had. I’m going to eventually get old and not be able to play baseball again.

Soleih Gonzales

I’m going to miss that and all the memories I had. I’m going to eventually get old and not be able to play baseball again.

Alexis Hines, Staff Reporter

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As the high school baseball season comes to a close, varsity left fielder Senior Anthony Colonnetta provides his view on his final season, underclassmen, and the future of the team with Clear Lake’s new baseball coach, Coach Loria.

Q: How is the season going?

A: The season is going good. We are working on the future and we are bringing up some of the younger kids like Keegan Vance and Cam Vasalakos. They have been starting all year. It’s more of a rebuilding year, but in the next couple years it will be a lot better.

Q: What do you think of the new Coach?

A: I like Coach Loria a lot. He plans everything out and everything we do for a reason and it’s productive. I like how he coaches and how he is comfortable around us, but he also is hard on us so we can get better every day.

Q: How do you feel about this being your last season? 

A: I’m excited to go to the next chapter of my life, but it also bitter sweet because I’ve been playing baseball all my life and it is going to be tough to go away from it. I’m sure I’ll still play when I can though.

Q: Do you know where you’re going or what you’re going to major in?

A: I don’t know what college I’m going to attend yet, but I do know I’m going to major in business or finance most likely, or maybe accounting. I’ll most likely go to OU or Texas Tech.

Q: What was the best moment you’ve had from the past four years?

A: Freshman year, my class, we got in trouble at a game. It was a scrimmage and some people were using vulgar language. It got back to the coach and Coach Betters made us run 35+ poles for punishment, which is around three miles. It was a lot, but it was funny and we all remember it.

Q: Who has inspired you the most to play?

A: My dad and I growing up; we were always big into baseball. He was never into

baseball as a kid, but once I grew up, it was like that type of father-son thing to do that we both enjoyed doing. He wanted me to get better and I just enjoyed doing it. We would always watch the Astros, and when they went to the World Series, that was awesome. The Astros and my dad just always motivated me.

Q: How do you feel after a win?

A: I feel very happy just because the fact that it’s a team game, and if one player is 4 for 4 that doesn’t mean that we’re going to win or lose. It’s really a team effort to win or lose so that’s the great thing. Everyone is happy and everyone knows it’s a team win.

Q: How do you cope with a loss?

A: I have a quick memory, so I just get past it. I just turn the page. You’re going to win some and your going to lose some games, so I just realize what I did wrong or what the team did wrong and turn the chapter.

Q: What are you going to miss the most about baseball?

A: Just being competitive and being in a competitive sport, because after this there is no competition. I’m going to miss that and all the memories I had. I’m going to eventually get old and not be able to play baseball again.

Q: What is your advice to underclassmen? 

A: Work hard and stay motivated, because most of you guys are going to play a couple more years, then that will be it.

Q: Do you think the coaches new method with the underclassmen starting will work out in the long run?

A: Yes, Definitely. The underclassmen need experience to get better. It’s just like anything else. You need experience at the top level to be the best. There are a lot of juniors who are varsity starters and that’s going to be good because they will have that experience next year. When the sophomores are seniors they will play varsity and they will be a better team. They will be familiar with the varsity play level.

Q: Was it harder to get use to a new coach your senior year?

A: It was definitely harder because my freshman year we had a new coach, and then my senior year we obviously had a new coach again. It was a big jump. It was difficult, but it was good experience for life and just in general because you have to deal with adversity through out life, so I enjoyed it and really like Coach Loria. I think he has the team on the right path.

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Interview with Anthony Colonnetta