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Lake Reflections

Building in Progress

Summer Stockdale, Staff Reporter

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The school year has just begun, and so has the completion of the new school building.

“Because of the age of the old school, it wasn’t able to facilitate the kind of learning we want the kids to achieve now,” Dr. Engle said. A hallway will be built that leads from the cafeteria to a whole different section of the school. That new section will be two stories high and contain 80 classrooms.

“Everything was built to accommodate students and their current learning needs,” Dr. Engle said.

The classrooms have desks for students to write on with dry erase markers. The desks aren’t connected to the chairs, which enables teachers to group students to encourage class participation.

“The building is nice and neat and has a nice design to it, but it affects our school days this year by making us walk more,” said Jacklyn Peterson.

The current campus consists of three buildings and a “science island.” Depending on class location, it takes many students longer to get to class. The buildings are far apart, which often results in students being tardy.

The new building is scheduled for completion in the Spring 2018.

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Building in Progress