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Lake Reflections

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Voting From a Personal Perspective




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Being able to vote in such an important election is such a valuable experience. For many high school students, this is a rare event for them to be a part of because they are under 18 or they have not registered to vote. I turned 18 this year and registered to vote so I could to contribute to this election.

In order to vote, I picked up an application from the front office and then I simply filled it out and put it into the post office box by the deadline.

Before I actually went out to vote, I talked to my father about the presidential nominees so I could have some information and opinions about each person. There are so many more things to vote for other than just the president and the vice president.

Early voting begins 11 business days before election day, which gives people a big window to go and vote. I went to the Harris County Library to vote because that was the location paired with where I live. When I got there, I saw people standing outside in a long line that began at the door and looped all the way around the building. I was in shock by the amount of people. As I was walking to the back of the line I saw that the majority of the people were older and I felt so young and nervous. I waited for about thirty-five minutes before I reached the building entrance.

The room was filled with about twenty screens to place your vote. In order to vote you need a photo ID like a driver’s license or passport to prove your identification. I showed them my license and then I received a ticket with a number on it. I was told to go to any of the open voting stations. Approaching the screen, I was ready to take my pick on who I thought should be our president. I typed in the number that I given in order to vote.

I heard a lot of talk about how Clinton was assumed to win but after the final election on November 8, the results came in and Trump won the presidential election. I was shocked when I heard the news from my father around 2:30 Am. This election was definitely something I will always remember and no matter what the results were, I am satisfied with myself because I contributed to the 2016 election.

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Voting From a Personal Perspective