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Lake Reflections

Student Spotlight: Gaya Krishna

Carolynn Dunn, Staff Reporter

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Lake prides itself for being a school with freedom for innovation and has fostered talented individuals. The weekly Student Spotlight was created to exhibit the talent within our campus.

Gaya Krishna is a junior and has been harboring a passion for poetry since the beginning of her education.

“I’ve been a fan of poetry since 3rd or 4th grade,” she said, “It was a unit we did in class and I absolutely fell in love with it,”

Krishna has been actively writing poems during her time at Lake and has found them to be a good stress reliever.

“I like the simplicity of poems and the fact that they can convey so much more,” she said.

Krishna encourages students with an interest about poetry to peruse their passion as well.

“Just go for it,” Krishna said. “A lot of people think poetry is complex because you have to write in a certain form but honestly it’s very open to interpretation and you can do whatever you want.”

Below is featured one of her poems called “A Library”.

“A Library”
by Gaya Krishna

The brown-brick kingdom stands before me
Gazing down
The prince searching for the girl
Of the vined pumpkin carriage.
Shuttered windows bashfully hiding their secrets
Crystal double doors that can safeguard no lies
For a step inside.
I am no Cinderella
So I do not run away.

I am greeted by a scent
Musty, ancient, a slight note of coffee, no sugar
The smell of dreams and their dreamers.

Yellow blocks of wood
Scritch-scratch across paper
A graceful ballroom dance
Each letter a spin
Each coma a turn
Now a quick two-step
Now a smooth waltz
Now a music change, and someone dots to the polka.

I tire of my glass slippers
So I wander farther into the castle
By the bands of gold illuminating mahogany shelves
Revealing starry coatings of fairy dust.

I rest on a throne of silk
Softer than a cloud
Bluer than the sky.

Finished holding court with the murmuring pages,
I wander farther in.

The click-clacking of keyboards steadily grows louder
Giant screens flashing pictures about words and words about pictures
The latest species extinction
The greatest smartphone ever
The newest debate over a mass migration of humans
Going nowhere, everywhere,
The funniest twitter feed—
No mention of dancing
Or parties
Or blue-cloud thrones
Or fairies and their shimmering magic.

There is only
A blunt reminder of the reality
Waiting for me
Outside these four walls.

I retreat into the fantasylands
Instead, I find
Southern belles persevering through civil wars
Crabby old grannies solving impossible mysteries
Peasant girls leading French armies
Four sisters surviving the pains of growing up

I realize
There is no evil step-mother
There are no conceited step-sisters
No broken spells
That I need to fear.

Ding-dong, the clock strikes twelve
Goes my ocean-deep reverie.

Promising of returns a-many
I walk
Two glass slippers in hand.

Didn’t I say
I am no Cinderella?



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Student Spotlight: Gaya Krishna