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Lake Reflections

Lake Reflections

Student Spotlight: Ethan Swindull




Carolynn Dunn, Staff Reporter

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Ethan Swindull, a senior at lake, has already found success in the music world. He is a  DJ and creates music; putting up to 40 hours of work a week on top of balancing his school studies under the stage name Altruist.

“I always loved music, I played tuba in middle school and that’s where I started,” Swindull said in an exclusive interview.

He started playing music in middle school while playing the Tuba for band and by his eighth grade year he was becoming involved in deejaying.

“The reason I got into deejaying is because I wanted to bring people together through music,” Swindull said. “It initially started out as just another outlet for my energy and emotions but it very quickly became a passion.”

Although he has been working as a DJ for almost 4 years now, it wasn’t until High School that he began making his own original remixes.

Swindull started making music his freshman year because he was experimenting and pushing himself to better himself as a musician.

Swindull’s music has been released on iTunes and has only added to the work he already does because he can brand it as his own.

“I can be proud of this. I can say I made this.” Swindull said.

Especially though rough times, music and deejaying presents itself as a natural outlet to Swindull.

He says the stage is like a safe space where he can be creative, express his ideas and emotions that he is unable to do elsewhere.

However, shifting to a creator has caused him to change his venues so that he can be more serious.

“I started out doing just parties and PTA events, but now that I’m trying to become an artist I’m doing those less and less and do more shows like clubs and festival,” he said.

Swindull’s early success has been very promising for future prospects such as being picked up by a label, but for now he is looking to DJ at larger venues.

“Everything can be pushed, everything is not perfect, it can always be better. So after I hit [that goal], then I’ll move on to bigger things.”

Swindull also sees his music career as a way to help other artists as well. He hopes that in the future he can help push other people’s music into the limelight and help other artists peruse their passion.

“I want to be a DJ that pushes music forward and inspire people to follow their passion,”

He also wants to encourage other students who want to be become a DJ or make music to begin their careers in High School.

“Do not give up under any circumstance. The moment you think you cannot do it, you’ve already lost,” Swindull said.

You can check out his website and his latest remix, Reign, by going to iTunes, Spotify, and his website djaltruistcom.

The Student spotlight is interested in spotlighting you! If you are interesting in being your work being featured, please contact the staff at Lake Reflections.

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