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Journalism on the Lake

An inside look on the journalism program

Cayli Dvorak, Staff Reporter

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The Journalism program is split into three groups, the newspaper staff, the yearbook staff, and the Journalism classes. Each of these different parts are a vital contributor to the group as a whole.

The newspaper staff is an enlightening elective in which has the job of providing our school with important information regarding relevant events. We achieve this by researching and fact-checking any important events, then writing well-thought, greatly established, and honest articles. These wonderful articles are then edited by our very own Editor-In-Chief. After our pieces are edited, the writer then goes and applies the necessary corrections. The articles get checked once more for any missed mistakes, and are then transferred onto our newspaper site. Our available jobs include Editor-in-Chief and writer.

“The newspaper staff is great, I am really improving on my writing skills, and this is a great way to learn how to write articles without adding your opinion,” said staff member Delany Stinson.

The yearbook staff, much like newspaper, is an insightful elective in which students capture any exciting events by taking photos.

“I like yearbook because knowing that you are making a book that’ll be around forever is a great feeling,” said staff member Hallie Richmond.

These pictures range from students at our falcon lunch, to the homecoming parade, to the powderpuff league, to the school musical, and anything else you can think of. These photos will be remotely edited, so that color, scenery, and people, can be displayed in the best possible way. Each photo taken will also include a name and short description of when and where the photo was taken. The jobs for the yearbook staff include photographer and editor.

Photojounralism, the next class in the program, is a class all about the art of photography. Here, students learn what angles to take pictures at and how to properly edit them. These students can go on to be photographers for the Yearbook staff.

The last group in the Journalism program are the Journalism classes. This elective teaches students how to write news articles. In the Journalism class, students will learn all about quote placement, writing styles headlines, and more. These students can then go on and join the Newspaper staff the following year.

“The Journalism class sounds really fun, and I can’t wait to join next year,” said freshman Sierra Engleton.

The Journalism program is a creative, and exciting way to learn a new hobby and begin a new career. Join one or more of our classes and brighten your day.

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