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Lake Reflections

Student Spotlight: Sarah Xiong

Carolynn Dunn, Staff Reporter

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Sarah Xiong, a senior at Lake, is passionate about creating art. Recently, she has been accepted into The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York, one of the top art schools in the country.

“In the beginning it was just something that was fun for me to do and then later I started to develop my skills,” she said.

Xiong has loved art since she was a little girl. After doodling on the wall one too many times she says her parents took her to an art instructor at age six. She has since found a passion for art and has been developing her portfolio for many years.

Xiong has been featured in student galleries and has participated in many Portfolio reviews, which she recommends for anyone looking to study art in college, and has found the help in the reviews invaluable. Portfolio reviews are an opportunity for high school students to present their portfolios to a panel of judges in order to refine the group of pieces they will use to apply for college.

It wasn’t until her sophomore year that she decided to pursue a career in art and began looking toward fine arts colleges. In the past she attended art camps in order to improve and develop her style. She is currently taking Graphic Design Independent Study and is considering a graphic design major in college.

“For now I’d like to just become a graphic designer,” Xiong said. “I don’t know if things are going to change when I go to school or if I’ll decide to take a different career path, but I’m just going to focus on that for now.”

Xiong said that she creates on both traditional and modern art, but she loves the freedom and expression she believes is only available through modern art. She says modern art shows the raw emotions and is an expression of the artist and but is still open to the interpretation of the viewer.

Although she has admired many artists, she finds the work of Andy Warhol to be a significant inspiration in her own art. She says that Warhol finds the importance in simplicity and that is what makes his work stand out the most.

Andy Warhol is famous for his pieces like ‘Marilyn Diptych’ and ‘Cambell’s Soup Cans’ which resides in the Museum of Modern Art. Warhol is considered by many to be a great icon of pop art in the 1960’s.

Xiong tells other aspiring artists at Lake how important it is to be both dedicated and passionate about art. Although it is important to be skilled at art, Xiong suggests that it is something that can be developed over time and improved by dedication to the craft.

“You can be talented at art. You can draw hyper realistic pieces but it doesn’t matter if you’re not passionate about it,” she said, “So even if people tell you that you’re not good at drawing, if you’re passionate about it I recommend you just stay with your passion and keep working.”


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Student Spotlight: Sarah Xiong