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Lake Reflections

Podcast Month

Carolynn Dunn, Staff Reporter

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Podcast Month has arrived, hoping to get more people listening in 2017. For those that don’t know what podcasts are, it is essentially the modern version of radio. They can come in genres like fantasy all the way to more documentary type podcasts.

Podcasts like Serial, have reached critical acclaim. It is estimated that in 2014, the first year it was out, Seral had 40 million downloads.

Podcasts use vivid descriptions and noises to describe things you would be seeing.

You can listen to podcasts with the app the comes on Apple devices. For android or other phones, you can download apps off the app store that will play and manage podcasts. Most podcasts also have a website that you can listen from.

Podcasts can be downloaded for on the go and you can listen to them in between classes, while doing chores or busy work, or any time you would listen to music.

Here are our top 10 recommended podcasts for your listening pleasure.


  1. Welcome to Night Vale



A small desert community where conspiracies are real and people can enter but never leave. Told in the perspective of the community radio broadcaster named Cecil, whose deep voice make everything sound alright when it most certainly not.







  1. Serial



An investigation which questions the guilt of Andnan Syied, who was convicted of murdering his high school girlfriend Hae Min Lee. After reaching critical acclaim, a second season was released investigating a man who was held hostage by a terrorist group after leaving his army camp.






  1. Radiolab



Each episode is a different story exploring a wide variety of topics, from breakthrough scientific discoveries to simple human stories that have a beautiful twist. There are plenty of episodes archived and ready to listen to which will provide hours of entertainment.






  1. Criminal



Criminal examines how different criminals were brought to justice, sometimes including interviews from court artists to the criminals themselves. Each story takes on a different perspective and some are told purely from researchers or historians, when no one is left to tell the stories in person.






  1. Alice isn’t Dead



Alice isn’t dead follows a female truck driver who is looking for a woman named Alice, who she believes is dead. What she finds out on the drive makes a compelling story as she tells it into the radio transmitter in the truck, hoping the broadcast will somehow reach the woman she thinks is dead.






  1. Invisibilia



This podcast tries to discover what it is about the invisible things that affect us, and what those things really are. They find people who can tell their stories in order to illustrate the importance of invisible things.







  1. Up and Vanished



Up and Vanished follows up on the investigation of a woman named Tara Grinstied, a schoolteacher and former beauty pageant winner who went missing from her small hometown back in 2001. After sixteen years with no news of what happened to her, this podcast discovers what became of this beloved school teacher. Following the re-opened investigation in live time, this podcast will enthrall you.





  1. Stuff You Missed in History Class



A podcast for fans of history. Each episode is a thoroughly researched, detailed, and story-like accounts of different periods, events, or biographic-like study of historical leaders. Not only is this spectacularly produced podcast, it is sure to catch anyone’s attention with it’s coverage of ancient to modern history.






  1. Lore



Lore is the perfect podcast for more superstitious people. It examines events and their possible supernatural causes while also questioning if those events could re-occur today. Even for those who doubt the paranormal, this podcast will give you chills.







  1. Mystery Show



The Mystery Show, with it’s charming host and addicting theme music, is a must-listen. The host investigates little mysteries that have a much bigger impact, all while putting a smile on your face and brightening your day. However, it is ranked number ten since it only has a few episodes and has not been renewed in several years, proving problematic for addicted listeners.






Give these top ten podcasts a try and let us know what you think!

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