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Lake Reflections

The Life of Olin as Best Teacher

Summer Stockdale, Staff Reporter

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Elizabeth Olin, one of the US History teacher, here at Lake was awarded the 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year.


As a CCISD alumni, Olin went to Armand Bayou Elementary, for intermediate school she went to Space Center Intermediate, then went on to Clear Lake High school and graduated in 2002.


Ever since elementary school, Olin has dreamed of being a teacher. Within her high school years, she was a part of the Peers Assistance & Leadership strategies program and also the Teachers Education Training program.


After high school Olin went to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.


She graduated with a master’s degree in secondary Social Studies Education.  “I loved Texas Christianity University I bleed for bull and cheer on the horn frogs on anything they do,” said Olin.


Olin married Jeff Olin who also works for our high school as an English teacher and has two children.


“My children love all things Clear Lake,” said Olin. “That’s what happens when you have two parents who work here”.


In 2007 out of college, Olin came to work at Clear Lake High school. Starting off her teaching career as a Geography and Government teacher.


“It was a fun opportunity to share the stories of how it was back in the day.”


When she started off at Lake she thought of it as a little weird at first to work where because she had graduated from here.


In 2010 she moved to Clear Creek Intermediate and taught Eighth grade U.S. History, but once more Olin switched schools again and came back to the high school in 2013 to teach Advanced Placement U.S. History and regular U.S History.


Ever since she has been back, Mrs. Olin has gotten the chance to take the role of teen lead in the U.S. History department which consist of preparing for STAAR limitations, also helping plan and making test.


Watching her students work in the class rooms and understanding, she thinks of it as a fun job.


“To be a part of the process and hopefully put it all together to make it beneficial to them and successful in their life.” Said Olin.


She enjoys teaching and assisting her students especially, those who’ve had trouble in the past years with history.


Olin has looked upon being chosen for teacher of the year and to represent the faculty as an honor. “The faculty that’s here works really hard and the fact that they chose me to represent them is very touching,” said Olin.


When it comes to the kids, Olin views them as hardworking and great student. “It’s fun to watch them [ the students] with their extra-curricular activities and sports.”


One day Olin hopes that the students will make a great impact on society.

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The Life of Olin as Best Teacher