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Seniors Take On Promposals

Instagram: @clare_zandy

Instagram: @clare_zandy

Aly Bernard, Staff Reporter

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Prom is coming up, which means that the smell chocolate and roses are in the the air. That’s right, “promposals” happening. Promposals are when someone asks someone to prom in a cool and creative way. Here are some lucky seniors who have already been asked.


Instagram: @rachel_reynolds_

Yann Schlagel asked Rachel Reynolds by referencing a hit Broadway musical.

Reynolds, who is a Hamilton fan, said, “Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton so he referenced that situation about the play for the proposal.”


Instagram: @clare_zandy

Clare Zandy was taken to the field where Scott Field asked her. Both of them play on the variety soccer.

Zandy said her favorite part was “getting out on the soccer field for it and my friends being there to help out.”


Instagram: @hannahmurrow

Hannah Murrow was asked by her boyfriend Sean Nimmons. He referenced the movie 10 Things I hate About You by making a sign that reads: “I love you baby! Prom?”

Murrow loved the part of the proposal when he tried to sing  “I Love You Baby” to her.

“I am most excited to take pictures and enjoy the dance with all my best friends,” Murrow said about prom.


Instagram: @abby_westby

Abby Westby was asked by Cayenne Mccoy and his K-9 companion.

Westby said her favorite part about the proposal “was definitely the puppy”.


Instagram: @saraanwrap

Sara Zamora was asked by Ruben Distinguin, who is a student at University of Houston, this past weekend.

Zamora said was surprised by this proposal. “I thought me and [her friend] were just hanging for the day, but it turned out to be a promposal!”

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