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Lake Reflections

Thundering “Ovation” For Dance Team

Dance Students Reveal All Their Talents in One Show

Cayli Dvorak, Staff Reporter

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Every year, Lake’s dance teachers choreograph dances for their students to preform in a showcase. This year’s performance was held on April 4th, Kristin Zuniga and Jana Young, also known as Joerns, dance directors, have collaborated and created 10 dances that were to be performed in the “Ovation” showcase of 2017.

The event was held in the new building Performing Arts Center at 7:00 P.M.

The showcase included different songs and styles of dance.

Second period dance levels two, three, and four began the show with a contemporary routine to the song of “Love Me Now” by John Legend. This dance was choreographed by Zuniga.

“It was fun and it was well organized and everyone did a good job, it took a while for everyone to get it ‘on point’ but once we learned it, it was good.” Summer Stockdale said.

The students in the first period class did a contemporary number to the song “Something Just Like This” Coldplay and the Chainsmokers.

“I liked that one because it had a lot of difficult formations, and took a lot of technique.” Audience member Courtney said.

Dance students have the opportunity to watch their peers dance, in fact all dance one classes are learning a routine that dance two performed. This routine is in the style of hip hop, and goes along with a Missy Elliot Remix. The crowd got loud during this dance, as it is fast paced was said by students to be ‘more difficult’ than a few others.

The “Half light” by banners routine was performed by fourth period dance one.  They had real handheld lights that they moved around with on stage.

“I didn’t expect it to be so cool, especially since its dance one but I was impressed.” Rhea Everheart Said.

One dance number included a collaboration, with some band students who performed live in front of the stage.  The band students that performed for the dance were Daniel Embrey, McKinley Henderson, Alex Love, and Audrey Tran. The students are all members of the percussion instruments.

Next year they will have two opportunities for people to come and see a showcase. They will hold a spring showcase and fusion. Fusion is a combination of CCISD schools performing together fusion takes place every other year.

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Thundering “Ovation” For Dance Team