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Lake Reflections

Homecoming Crowned King and Queen

Grant Skaggs and Elizabeth Bejmuk voted in by Senior Class of 2018

Photo by Carolynn Dunn

Photo by Carolynn Dunn

Photo by Carolynn Dunn

Carolynn Dunn, Editor

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        Seniors Elizabeth Bejmuk and Grant Skaggs were honored as the Clear Lake High School’s Homecoming Queen and King on Friday, October 13, having been voted on by their classmates.

        “It was just such an amazing surprise. I loved it” said Bejmuk, “I did not expect to win at all”

When voting opened both students were aware that people had nominated them, though neither took the votes very seriously.

“I really just enjoyed the moment,” Skaggs said.

Photo by Carolynn Dunn

Skaggs and Bejmuk have friends from classes such as Band and Capstone where students were excited to vote for them in the weeks leading up to Homecoming.

“It started out as a joke,” said Bejmuk, laughing. “I did not expect to win at all.”

        Once the polls closed but before the six nominees were announced, each nominee was called into the office to ensure that they were comfortable being in the running for the Homecoming court. Once the voting of the court opened, Bejmuk and Skaggs had a lot of support from their peers, though mostly unknown to them.

        “Maybe two or three people had come up to me and said “Hey, I voted for you,” said Bejmuk.

        The four other nominees were presented to the school with Bejmuk and Skaggs during the pep rally. The Senior Queen nominees were Miranda Dominguez, Abby Douglas, Courtney Huynh, Blair Rutherford and Kylie Vega. The Senior King nominees were Frank Fillip, Nicholas Glaze, Brendan Lardie Kris Mason, and Jakori Morgan.

        “There were so many lovely girls in that group and I was happy just to be a part of it, honestly,” said Bejmuk.

Photo by Carolynn Dunn

        For the Football game after the pep rally, Skaggs had to prepare for both being on the field as Homecoming King along with his position in the band. Due to the fact that he arrived early, no one was there when he entered to see him carrying so much.

        “I had my band uniform and the hatbox. I had everything I needed for band plus everything I needed for homecoming in both arms and just walk into the room. It was pretty funny,” he said. “I laughed at me.”

        Before the game started Bejmuk and Skaggs were driven around in a golf cart so that the stands could see the King and Queen.

        “As Grant and I were riding they went over to the other side of the stadium and we started laughing and couldn’t stop,” said Bejmuk.

        The golf cart also went around to the other side where Clear Falls High School sat.

        “The best part was going to Fall side because they were so happy for us,” Skaggs said, laughing. “They didn’t know who we were, they were just happy.”

        The homecoming dance was the next day, Saturday, October 14. The two attended with their dates and were greeted by many other students.

        “A lot of people knew who I was, I was so surprised. I had never felt so popular in my life,” said Bejmuk, “It was so much fun.”

        After the dance kicked off, the King and Queen were announced again and they shared a dance together. Afterwards, they returned to dancing with their own dates. Skaggs did not spend very much time at the homecoming dance itself.

        “We were there for ten minutes maybe,” he said. “I danced with my date. That was probably the best part.”

        The Ninth Grade Center emptied as the danced closed at 11:00.

        The Queen and King went home, Bejmuk tired and blistered from dancing, Skaggs preparing for the next week of assignments.

        Though it will not be soon forgotten by Bejmuk.

“I felt so loved. It made my day,” she said, “It made my whole year.”

Bejmuk and Skaggs returned to school on Monday after the dance where students have offered them congratulations for their achieving Homecoming King and Queen.

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