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Lake Reflections

Lake Reflections

I Was a Teenage Murderer

Three Senior Students Create True-Crime Podcast at CLHS

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Audio visual students Noel Jones, Abella Knott, and Joshua Bumpas produce a weekly podcast entitled “I Was a Teenage Murderer.” This 20-30 minute podcast revolves around true crime events told by hosts Knott and Jones.

        “It was kind of a half-joke but then now we’re doing it,” Jones said.

        A podcast is a downloadable audio show and in order to create the podcast, the students had to find a place to record. With the permission of the audio-visual teacher Mr. MCcaren, the students were able to take advantage of new resources.

        “We have a new studio in the New Building, so it gives us this opportunity” Bumpas said.

        Jones and Knott research and host the podcast, each sharing different stories that are tied together by a common theme.

        “Sometimes we’ll come up with a theme beforehand. In the past, one of us will find a murder and we’ll base our theme off of that,” said Jones.

        Acting editor Joshua Bumpas composed the theme song name of song here. He also introduces the podcast.

        “After the recording, I take all of the ‘ums,’ edit out a lot of pauses, like saying ‘like’ too much. If there’s something awkward that doesn’t sound like it matches the rest of the audio, [I] try to edit it as smoothly as possible,” said Bumpas. “Then I add the theme song at the beginning.”

        The three did not meet solely to create the podcast together.

        “We’ve known each other for a really long time,” Knott said.

        Knott, Jones, and Bumpas have all been in theatre classes together. Currently Jones and Bumpas are in Improv (Theatre Improvisation). The three came up with the idea of the podcast while in theatre and have been surprised by the response from their peers.

        “A lot of teenagers aren’t into podcasts, so this opens them up to other mediums and gets them into new things,” Jones said. “A lot more people are listening than I thought would.”

        Although there are only four episodes out so far, the reaction from fellow students comes as a surprise the group.

        Bumpas reported that multiple students asked him over the first few weeks when the next episode would be coming out.

    “I walked into my sister’s Theatre I class the other day and immediately people were like, ‘Oh my God!,'” Knott said.

These student directors expect the number of listeners to increase as more episodes are produced and as people see the podcast’s posts on social media.

“Once you advertise it and get it out there and get people to start listening, people get really excited and want to know what comes next,” Bumpas said.

        Though this is the senior year for all three, Jones suggests that she may want to pursue something similar to podcasting in the future.

“Given the opportunity I would love to. I have always been interested in voice acting. Even as a hobby, it’s worth it,” said Jones. “It’s a good way to collaborate with fellow students.”

        Even if these three students do not use their skills that they have developed through their podcast, they still believe that it has been beneficial to them.

        “It’s enjoyable work,” said Knott. “It’s a good learning experience.”

        For their listeners, the trio had a simple message.

        “Thanks for listening. Don’t murder people,” Jones said.

        If you are interested in “I Was a Teenage Murderer” you can listen on any podcast app or on iTunes and for updates on new episodes you can follow the podcast on Instagram with the handle @iwasateenagemurderer.

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