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Lake Reflections

Fabulous Falcon Flairs

Sierra Morton, Reporter

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The Fabulous Falcon Flairs have performed dances at the pep rallies and they have performed exciting routines during halftime this football season.


The Flairs have performed chair, hoop, pom and kick routines during halftime at varsity football games and they have done a hip hop dance and jazz dance with kicks also, to hype up students at pep rallies.


Audrey Throm, a freshman flair said, “The Flairs practice every day, for about 2 ½  hours.” Performing every week at football games and pep rallies seems like it would be stressful.


Throm said, “It can be, but for me it`s not because I just think it`s fun and don`t see them as a big deal.”


“I get to hang out with my friends and I get to dance every day at school,” said Audrey.


Being a Flair takes constant practice and you have to be athletic.


‘The easiest thing to do is to not overthink the steps and just dance,” said Throm.


The Flairs are now looking forward to a great playoff game this week which will hopefully end in a win.


Annalise Brown, a freshman flair said, ‘The football games are exciting, we get to cheer on the football players, and dance of course.”


Annalise loves the support of their teachers and fellow students when performing.


Brown said, “All the teachers and my friends are so nice and always compliment us after we dance at games.”


The Flairs hope that the football team keeps winning, so the exciting season won`t have to come to an end for them either.

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Fabulous Falcon Flairs