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Lake Reflections

Lake Reflections

2017-2018 Staff

Rachel Ramirez


Rachel Ramirez is a sophomore, she enjoys playing video games, listening to music, drawing and being with her friends.

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Sierra Morton


Sierra Morton is a freshman. She is on flairs and loves to play with her dogs, hang out with friends after football games and go shopping. Her favorite tv show is Stranger Things and her favorite artist is Post Malone.

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Matthew Johnston


Matthew Johnston is a freshman who enjoys writing and watching Netflix. His preferred TV show is Pretty Little Liars. He is the youngest of his three siblings.

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Toi'yauna Baugh


Toi’Yauna Baugh is a senior. In her free time, she likes watching Netflix, listening to music, playing her Xbox and walking her 2 wiener dogs; Bash and Puff. Her favorite color is pink and she likes the T.V. show Grey’s Anatomy....

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Karli Tedder


Karli Tedder is a freshman who likes to write and read. She plans on going to University of California, Los Angeles and pursue a career of being a writer. She’s the oldest out of 6 kids and has no pets because her siblings are...

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Delany Stinson


Delany Stinson is a Senior. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching T.V., and playing with her Yorkie puppy. Delany hates bad weather and bad coffee. After graduating high school, Delany will pursue her dream of ruling...

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Lauren Elliott

Em-PRESS of Photography

Lauren Elliott is a Freshman who enjoys photography and learning new things. She plans on going to The College of William and Mary in Colonial Williamsburg, but also loves to have fun. For now, Lauren is working on getting ah...

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Kelly Anzaldua


Kelly is a sophomore who enjoys anime and hitting people with the empty sleeves of her sweater.

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Emma Alford


Emma Alford is a sophomore who has been in journalism since 7th grade and loves being in the class. She loves Classic rock, classical music, and history. She has a twin. She also has a dog and two cats....

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Michael Antonelli

Reporter/"No-Zone" Resident

Michael Antonelli is a junior who joined newspaper to explore new forms of writing. In his free time, he loves to read, write, draw, watch Netflix, and play with his three dogs. He cares a lot about his grades, and plans to apply ...

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Raven Schmitt


Raven Schmitt, she likes Steven Universe and great deals at stores. Schmitt is in german class and is a natural red-head.  

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Isabella McGovern

Editor in Training

This is Isabella McGovern. Isabella likes playing volleyball, listening to music, and singing in her choir at church. Her favorite color is purple, she loves eating lasagna, and is the proud owner of an orange tabby cat named Le...

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Jena Larsen


Jena is a Junior, in her free time she loves to read, watch movies, and play her viola. She also likes to hang out with her brothers and play video games. 

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Carolynn Dunn


Carolynn Dunn is a senior who is passionate about writing. In her free time, she writes and directs plays for charity with youth groups. She also enjoys going to bed early and cooking for her family. She currently does not have...

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